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Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a grave violation of human rights and a global issue that affects millions of people each year. The Salvation Army, a renowned international organization, has been at the forefront of the fight against human trafficking for many years.

Understanding Human Trafficking

Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by means of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of exploitation. It is a form of modern-day slavery that can take various forms, including sexual exploitation, forced labor, and involuntary servitude.

The Salvation Army’s Approach

The Salvation Army recognizes the urgency and complexity of combating human trafficking. Their approach is multi-faceted, focusing on prevention, rescue, and restoration.


Preventing human trafficking starts with raising awareness and educating vulnerable individuals about the risks and signs of exploitation. The Salvation Army works closely with communities, schools, and other organizations to provide training and resources to help prevent trafficking.


The Salvation Army operates a network of safe houses and shelters where survivors of trafficking can find refuge. These safe spaces offer physical and emotional support, counseling, and access to medical care. Highly trained staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing survivors with the assistance they need to rebuild their lives.


Restoring survivors’ lives is a crucial part of the Salvation Army’s anti-trafficking efforts. They offer comprehensive services such as vocational training, education, and job placement assistance to help survivors regain their independence and reintegrate into society. The goal is to empower survivors and provide them with the necessary tools to thrive.

Collaboration and Partnerships

The Salvation Army recognizes that combating human trafficking requires a collective effort. They work closely with governments, law enforcement agencies, and other non-profit organizations to share information, coordinate efforts, and advocate for stronger legislation and policies to protect victims and prosecute traffickers.

Global Impact

The Salvation Army’s commitment to fighting human trafficking extends to over 130 countries worldwide. Their extensive network allows them to reach vulnerable populations and provide support and resources where they are needed most. Through their partnerships and collaborations, they strive to create a world where human trafficking is eradicated.

How You Can Help

Joining the Salvation Army in their fight against human trafficking is a powerful way to make a difference. Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  • Donate: Your financial support can help fund rescue operations, victim support services, and prevention programs.
  • Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to assist with awareness campaigns, victim support, or fundraising initiatives.
  • Advocate: Speak out against human trafficking and support legislation that protects victims and holds traffickers accountable.

By taking action, you can be part of the solution and help bring an end to the injustice of human trafficking.


The Salvation Army’s anti-trafficking efforts are making a significant impact in the fight against this heinous crime. Through their prevention, rescue, and restoration programs, they are providing hope and support to survivors and working towards a world free from human trafficking. Together, we can stand against this grave violation of human rights and create a safer and more just society.

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